Monday, February 15, 2016

DIY shed

A couple of months ago I built a new shed, with lots of help from my Dad, Sibyl, and Eric.

General plans:

I based the plans on a bunch of different stuff mostly found on the internet, plus experience helping Eric put up his kit shed.

Getting started:

mostly there, working on the roof (tinted polycarbonate to let light in):

working on trim and siding:

mostly done:

complete, minus a few touches of paint, and maybe a ramp eventually!

interior shot:

It's great, holds everything I wanted to put in there and then some!

jet ski!

I wasn't riding my little 80cc dirtbike at all, so I tried to find something cool on craigslist to trade it for.  I came up with this great late-80s kawasaski js550 that has seen some use but seemed to start and run strong.  I bought it a new battery and a fire extinguisher, and built a cart to get it in and out of the truck, and have been riding it around the lake ever since!  I'll have to get some on-the-water pics eventually...

ski coming home:


I ran out of gas for the welder so I had to make the front legs out of 2x4s.  At some point I'll get around to replacing them with steel...

new floor 4, done!

The last steps were grouting/sealing, thresholds, and trim.


thresholds (the big long one was an adventure, they don't make the laminate for the living room anymore, so we had to try to match it with a raw piece and stain.  Sibyl picked the stain, and it came out perfect)

and a few more shots of the edges that came out so well.  Don't have any pics of the trim, but we just tried to match the existing stuff from the other rooms.

Done!  Makes a HUGE difference in how nice the kitchen looks.

new floor 3

Finished with the main areas, we started on all the edge work:

and we had a visitor

Edging around the rock step here was a bear, just a ton of contour gauging and hand nipping.

here's some more completed edging (I'm really happy with how the edging came out overall)

completed in post 4!

new floor 2

Here is the floor (still wet) after wet-scraping.  It'd have looked kind of cool polished and sealed this way, but too industrial for our taste.

and here we are starting to lay tile!

While I was at it, I got the gas and wiring for the stove cleaned up:

continued in post 3...