Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fish tanks!

Well, I figured I should post at least some sort of a baseline for how the tanks are looking at the moment. Pardon the cellphone pics, I'll get some better ones soon.

Josh's "old" reef tank (39 gal):

Looking pretty decent. Needs a bit of a cleaning, and we think the bulb in the light is going, because some of the hard corals that need more intense light aren't doing so well at the moment.

The new upstairs reef tank (50 gal cube):

As you can see, it's cycling. A bunch of snails and hermit crabs, and one or 2 soft corals just for the hell of it. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can clean it up and start moving over more stuff from the old tank. Currently we are debating whether or not the bulb (ushio 14k) is too yellow.

And finally the freshwater tank downstairs:

I'm having a hard time keeping fish alive in it, but otherwise it's looking nice. Shrimp and plants are doing great... I'm going to add a FEW tall stemmed plants, at least in the left corner, possibly in both corners, and maybe a bit of scrubby ground cover eventually. Other than that, I just need to figure out why it seems to kill fish so effectively.


  1. Are the fish getting diseases or are they possibly eating each other?

    This is a test comment.

  2. it's some sort of water issue. they do fine for a while, then just crap out. Also, i've noticed that if i do a big water change with tap water, they all die.

    So, I think there's something up with my water (too hard, maybe). Fortunately, we have a RODI unit in the mail, so I should hopefully be able to sort that issue out soon...