Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dirtbike rebuild

So, some time while I was in college, I bought an 80cc dirtbike. It was basically a race bike for young teenagers. I just wanted something to noodle around and be an idiot on without smashing up the more expensive and dangerous sportbike I had at the time. It saw a lot of rough use, and eventually ended up under a barn at a friend's parents' house in Keene for several years. Looking for a winter project, I went and picked it up last spring. It was a bit beat up, but generally in better condition than I expected. Over the winter I tore it down to the frame, cleaned it up, replaced some broken parts, and put it all back together: Starting ponit:
Breaking it down (lots of minor rust and TONS of caked on dirt. I really didn't take very good care of it!):
All broken down, waiting for a lot of elbow grease and simple green:
A lot cleaner...
Starting to go back together:
Mostly there:
Now it's just waiting for some stickers, and somewhere to ride!

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