Thursday, July 11, 2013

Autoturret phase 2: It's Alive!

Got my webcam sorted out, and after a few other software and hardware hurdles I have a more-or-less functional airsoft sentry gun.  It needs a good deal more calibration, but it's good enough to hit big targets.  And I forgot how much airsoft pellets hurt!

Here I am working out a few bugs with my target stick and the gun in the background:

Here are a couple of videos of the system in action:

video 1 - this is the first test.  It misses right a lot, but it tracks and fires.

video 2 - it hit me most of the time in this video

video 3 - it hits the balloons about 3 times, but misses right a lot.  It also doesn't break the balloons.  I have some higher-powered gas that might give let it pop them.

So, there's still a fair amount of fiddling and tuning and calibrating left to do, but I am super happy with where things stand after just 3 evenings of work.  I also have already learned a lot about jMyron and video capture and processing in Processing, which was a big goal for this project.  So far so good!

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